Welcome to the Art coiner

Art Coiner is an exclusive collectible NFT project, on Elrond.

The project is meant to craft unique collectible NFT coins in 3D, around key themes and partnerships.

We wish to make the coins exclusive - which is to us part of the essence of NFT's - and precious to each and everyone of you, but at the same time affordable for most ! Every coin will come in 3 to 4 alloys, which will be minted in very limited numbers.

Why coins you might ask : we think they are one of the most simple and beautiful objects of our everyday lives, as they are at the same time precious and everywhere, particular and timeless, some words that resonate strongly to our vision of NFT creation. They're also one of the first collectibles in history, and have always carried great value.

We're dedicated to create a bridge between traditionnal collectible and it's blockhain counterpart, and bring technical innovations to a new level for NFT creation !

The Art Coins will evolve in 3 categories :

Craft coins, of which i started the first Act with the Elrond-Maiar-Mex family, minted with a total supply of only 499 Art Coins. The Act 2 theme will be revealed in january, and you'll be able to vote and choose for the theme of the 3rd Act.

Community coins, because i like so much other projects on Elrond, to show some support and create synergies. A coin is in preparation for a big NFT project, you'll see it soon ! I'm really open to collabs and enjoy working with other teams, so please do not hesitate to shill me the projects you truly like, and deserve an Art coin of their own.

Custom coins, the first one has been ordered already, they could be bespoke on demand for some of you, and maybe go to a physical form in 2022 !

Precision down to the smallest detail


Q4 2021 :ACT 1

« The Elrond Craft »

November : Design phase
17/12/21 : Pre-sale
21/12/21 : Public sale
Website Launch
Working on a big Elrond NFT Partnership
ACT II Thematics revealed


Q1 - 2022 : ACT 2


ACT II Research, design and launch
ACT II will contain 5 unique coin designs and very limited numbers
One coin will be designed with the community
Developing Community coin projects and partnerships
Participatory vote for holders to choose the Act 3 thematic
Full set holders and tier set holders bonus drop


Q2 - 2022 : ACT 3


ACT III Research, design and launch
New Community-chosen thematic for the whole act
Special coin made by the community
Special coin(s) designed by guest artist(s)
If the prototype meets requirements, a limited edition coin will go physical


To Finish

The Artcoin project is and will be a project about Art and Artists, for the community with the community.

We’ll be Pushing technical and conceptual boundaries for EGLD NFT Art and exploring new possibilities, within the highly supportive Elrond Ecosystem, with outstanding production quality in mind.
Scarcity is essential to the Artcoin, as it embodies the very essence of NFT collectibles.


MEX / DEX / MEX : our new farming motto, updated every 6 seconds : The MEX coin. Available in four alloys : ACT1 exclusive Elrondium, Gold, Silver & Copper edition


Simple yet powerful, the symbol of Elrond efficiency : the Maiar coin. Available in four alloys : ACT1 exclusive Elrondium, Gold, Silver & Copper edition

Elrond Family

A tribute to our favorite blockchain, and our most exclusive and detailed model : the Egold coin. Declined in four alloys : ACT1 exclusive Elrondium, Gold, Silver & Copper edition

Discover our Economics

First ACT is sold out, secondary market coins available on eMoon !


10% of the collection sales will be used for marketing purposes and rebuys, to reward holders and sustain a high value during the whole project development.

The governance

10% of the collection sales will supplement a fund to support emerging highly talented EGLD NFT artists. The governance of this fund will be shared with the coin holders, and its principles discussed as soon as the public sale ends.


25% of the revenues generated from secondary markets sales royalties will fund future collaborations with exclusive artists and coin partnerships